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Push for your Job Offers

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We push your job offers in universities and alumni associations per channel in your country:
- Channel technical Engineers
- Channel IT
- Channel Life Sciences Engineers
- Channel Accounting, Finance, sales
- Channel Medical and paramedical

We improve the visibility of your job offers and the return of resumes.
In short, we can help your team to save a lot of time: posting jobs is an administrative task. With our support, your team can focus on higher-value tasks.
Our job is to publish your job offers and to give you proofs.
To reach a good level of return, do not hesitate to consult us on the presentation and content of your offers.
Trust a specialist like NewJobMedia who offers a push support service. Our digital team of specialists is familiar with establishments and associations.
Digital service for a digital world !

- Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower - Steve Jobs

Integrate ou academic database

An economical solution

Looking for an academic database? You can share this information with all your recruiters . It's the most economical solution for the entire department.

- Ability to identify 100% of the establishments where the talents you need are trained
- Possibility to push your job offers
- Ability to identify and communicate with alumni associations
- Earn hours and hours of research work
- Optimize your organization by helping it to be more efficient.
- Possibility to combine with our offer of push

Our team of specialists is familiar with institutions and associations ... The world is digital, enjoy it!

- 140 countries available
- 2,200 establishments, 15,000 courses